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 Grant & Scholarship Program

The Bethesda Foundation administers funding to support research, quality improvement, scholarships and other types of projects at Bethesda North Hospital. All applications will now be submitted online.

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Required Forms for Grants

Research Checklist-required for Research grant applications

Review the List of QI Priorities for 2016-required for Quality Improvement grant applications


 Active and teaching members of the Bethesda medical staff (including medical residents and fellows) and other Bethesda healthcare providers (such as nurses, residents, pharmacists, physical therapists, etc.) are encouraged to apply. This invitation extends to all Bethesda entities, including Bethesda North Hospital, Bethesda Butler Hospital, Bethesda medical practices and groups, Hospice of Cincinnati and Fernside and the Mary Jo Cropper Family Center for Breast Care. Applications for studies at other institutions are not eligible, but studies planned as partnerships with other institutions will be considered.

Bethesda Foundation Funding Opportunities Overview

The Bethesda Foundation provides five types of funding opportunities; three of these are open to any eligible team member, one is by invitation only, and one is for Bethesda School of Nursing students. These funding opportunities include:

• Medical Research (open)

• Quality Improvement (open)

• Community Outreach (by invitation)

• Auxiliary Project Review Grants (open)

• Nursing student scholarships (open to Bethesda School of Nursing students)

The general annual application cycles are:

Funding opportunity

General annual application cycle

Quality Improvement and Research 1st Round: Pre-applications due mid January; full applications due mid March for grants starting in July

2nd Round: Pre-applications due July 22nd; full applications due October 7th for grants starting in January
Community Outreach By invitation
Auxiliary Project Review Grants Applications due in July

Nursing student scholarships

Applications due in June


Click here to apply for grant and scholarship funding


For information about Research, Quality Improvement and Community Outreach opportunities, contact Amy Lamborg at 865-1613, or

For information about Auxiliary opportunities, contact Jerri Spurlock at 865-1618, or

For information about nursing scholarship opportunities, contact Amy Tenbusch at 865-1617, or