Jean Brackman

Enriching the Journeys of Others

Jean-BrackmanJean Brackman has led a very full life. She also has been fortunate to have visited almost every nation in the world. At 90, she has travelled the globe several times, including visiting all seven continents and the North and South poles. “I always like to see what’s around the corner,” she says with a smile.

But the journey she remembers most vividly is helping both her parents during the end of their lives. “There was nothing like hospice back then,” she remembers. “I was on my own caring for them at home, unable to find a private duty nurse.”  When her nephew became terminally ill, Jean was relieved Hospice of Cincinnati could help her care for him. “The philosophy is wonderful: to keep the patient comfortable, and make sure he does not die in pain or misery,” she says. “I was so glad I had this option for him and for my sister-in-law,” Jean remarks.

Because she saw first-hand what a difference hospice services can make, Jean set up a charitable gift annuity to help continue and expand current programs. In doing so, she is helping Hospice of Cincinnati “see around the corner” and ease the journey for countless families in years to come.