Grateful Patients & Families

Make a donation and leave a note of appreciation for your caregiver!

Simple gestures of kindness often mean the most to us. The Grateful Patient and Family Program gives patients and families the opportunity to recognize a physician, nurse or team member who made a difference in someone's life with a donation in their honor and a special note of thanks. 

For more information about the Grateful Patient Program at Bethesda Hospitals, please contact Beth Sims at (513) 865-1622 or 

For more information about the Grateful Family Program at Hospice of Cincinnati, please contact Jackie Baumgartner at 513-865-4598 or

Here are some of the heartfelt notes that grateful patients and families have left for their caregivers:

Bethesda North Grateful Patient:

“I made this contribution in order to honor Linda Gilton at B North. She was instrumental in saving my life as the result of Whipple Surgery for pancreatic cancer. I don’t want her to think I don’t remember her. She may not think much about what she did. That is not important. I think about what she did every day.”

Hospice of Cincinnati Grateful Family Member:

“When my beloved husband died, my friends helped me greatly but Polly (Goldstein Family Grief Center) provided the kind of professional rescue I needed when I was headed for a major meltdown. She granted me several sessions on short notice and I always felt stronger after meeting with her.”